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    Tailor-made expeditions across Africa

Rae Safaris is dedicated to showcasing Africa, truly the last great primordial wilderness left on our planet. Africa is a complex tapestry of evocative landscapes, diverse and unusual wildlife and cultures largely unchanged since the dawn of mankind.

Set Safari Departures

The word “safari” in KiSwahili means to journey or travel. It is an action word like run…or breathe. This act of moving across the wide expanses of Africa has captured our collective imagination since the days of Livingstone, Burton, Speke and Selous. Today, Rae Safaris attempts to capture the essence of the adventurous spirit of those who have come before us. Our set departures are one of the finest ways to explore many of Africa’s awe inspiring landscapes.

Uganda 2022

Cape & Namaqualand 2022

South Africa Conservation 2022

Ethiopian Wolf Safari 2022

Big Cat Safari 2022

Tanzania Safari 2022

Antarctica 2022

Namibia Veterinarian Safari 2022

Bespoke Experiences

Rae Safaris together with our operational partners offer tailor made expeditions across Africa.

We build the itinerary around you. The time you have available and the things you want to experience dictate how we plan and execute your bespoke safari. All expeditions are personally guided by one of our top professionals. Our network of specialist guides, photographers, chefs, animal behaviorists, wildlife researchers and local guides are on hand to help build your personal safari experience.

Enrichment Projects

COAPE International have partnered with Johannesburg Zoo to develop and implement a comprehensive enrichment program, designed to encourage the animals in the Zoo to engage in similar activities as their wild counterparts. Read more

Local guides we work with

Eddy is another Tanzanian specialist. A great sense of humour and strong intuition makes for smooth running itineraries with this man.

We met Paulos recently while researching and travelling in Ethiopia. He is another wonderful example of passion and knowledge in the diverse field of specialised guiding. We look forward to working with him in the near future.

What can I say about this big hearted guy. He is a tribute to Uganda. I love working with Damba. A great, hard working character.

Solo is a machine. He drives Madagascar’s archaic road network with gusto. He is tireless and has an incredible work ethic. We thoroughly enjoy his company, knowledge and enormous capacity for laughter. One of the best in Madagascar.

We have watched Goodluck grow over the years into one of northern Tanzania’s top local wildlife professionals. He is a wonderful all rounder and consumate host.

Previous is a wonderful character. Confident, funny and extremely knowledgeable. An incredible wildlife and birding guide.