What to pack

Please try to bring soft ‘hold all’ type luggage or rucksacks as suitcase sand hard luggage are more difficult to pack into trailers and mini buses.

Comfortable neutral clothing, avoiding white and bright colours. Expect hot days and cooler mornings/evenings. A mixture of summer and winter clothing is ideal and a warm. hat, jacket and gloves will keep you warm on night game drives when the wind chill factor in a moving open vehicle can make life a little chilly!

Other essentials include comfortable, durable walking shoes,hat and sunscreen camera and binoculars, toiletries, insect repellant, hand sanitizer, etc.


Don’t forget to bring any prescription medication along with abroad spectrum antibiotic, medication for nausea and stomach problems and anti-histamine cream for insect bites and scratches.

Please provide details of any allergies and specific dietary requirements or preferences e.g. vegetarian.